SOLAR WEB promotes renewable energy at a national level, targeting the photovoltaic
sector, systems of self-consumption for individuals and companies, and equipment for
electric vehicles.


Store 100% of your electricity and
share it among all of your properties.

The first step to save 100% of your electricity is to be self-sufficient.
Install solar panels on the roof of one property and share it with your other properties. Install solar panels anywhere you want—either at home, in your business, in a vacant fields. We can all make the change and contribute to improving the environment.

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Chargers for vehicles

External and interior charging devices for electric vehicles.

Electric or hybrid cars are already a reality in our society, but our businesses, or homes, are still not ready in many cases to be able to load these vehicles. Now is the time to install it! Vehicle chargers are a good investment, since the charging point is economical, efficient and ecological. It's economical because it allows you to save on expensive fuel costs.

It is efficient because electric car motors are more efficient than traditional combustion engines.
And it is ecological because they do not emit CO2 into the atmosphere, consequently, there is no contamination.
Much more use should be made of indoor and outdoor loading devices, as it does not pollute such as fuel.

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Solar Fields

We can map and construct Photovoltaic Fields.

We seek and offer solar fields or land with existing solar orchards for sale and fields that have or may have a license to carry out solar orchard projects.
If you have or you are looking for a solar garden, contact us.


Don’t know where to invest?

The photovoltaic sector offers 6%-12% annual interest.

If you don’t know where to invest, we can help. It’s important in the current financial uncertainties to invest in products where there is little risk, an alternative to fluctuating global stock exchanges, decline in real estate products, and an alternative to the low yield of state bonds.

Investing in the photovoltaic sector is both a good economic alternative and an environmental investment as it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
With a photovoltaic system, a stable profitability for your investment is practically guaranteed with low risk whilst at the same time contributing to the environment, maintenance is economical, is sustainable and renewable. And as a bonus you are able to sell surplus energy you do not use.

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